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Night Gallery, Video art, Johann Baron Lanteigne, Slo Blo, Smilok, 2015 (web preview)

Night Gallery
Night Gallery, Johann Baron Lanteigne, Slo Blo and Smilok, Video and music installation,2015. Curated by Aleksandra Smilek
Courtesy Jed Voras Gallery
Night Gallery, is an art installation made by the video artist Johann Baron Lanteigne from Quebec and the two sound designers Smilok (UK) and Slo Blo (FR). The piece has been curated by Aleksandra Smilek at the Jed Voras Gallery in Paris.
The piece experiments a progress in a framed space, a contemplation time traveling into a digital architecture that finish to vanish through a glitched space. The video is divided into two parts in a row and results from a first collaboration with Smilok and a second with Slo Blo. Night Gallery has been curated and created through internet, it experiments what curation and creation is in the boundless territory of the Net.Art.